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Money Mission Control

You need mission control for your money: a place where you can keep track of all your spending and saving, so that you can look back on it and learn about what’s working or not working.

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Lekker apps

Prefer an app to keep track of your pocket money? Here are some good ones:

Teen-friendly side hustle courses

Looking to brush up on some skills to help you with your next side-hustle? Here are some of our community's favourite sites:

Practice investing

Want to learn how to invest? The best way to get started is to open up a VIRTUAL share-trading account with fake money, and do this until you get comfortable. The best South African platform for virtual investing is Easy Equities.

Wonderful charities

Giving is one of the most powerful ways that your money can do more good in the world. Here's a great list of charities to consider. Giving is a very personal thing, and you should find a cause that you connect with personally. Some of Sam's personal favourite charities are:

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