Making money masterminds out of South African teens.

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Manage Your Money Like a Grownup for Teens book cover

They're never to young to learn about money

Give your kids the solid financial education that most grownups never had.


Money Basics

What is money, and why does it make such a difference to the kind of life you can live?


Teen Entrepreneurship

Being a teen entrepreneur is the best way to learn how to earn.



How to manage your money to get the things you really want.



Master the superpower of compounding and make it work for you.

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Sam Beckbessinger and Digby

Written with love

Sam Beckbessinger writes about a lot of things, including money, how to be happy, and dancing hippopotami. She's written bestselling books, kids' TV shows, and once got to write a story for Marvel (LIFE GOALS!). She is South African, but now lives in the English countryside with her cat, Digby.

Sir Digby Chicken Caeasar III is a shorthaired tabby cat who likes to sit on keyboards and chase grasshoppers. He's an idiot. Here's what he looks like in real life.

All of the charming illustrations on this site, and in the book, were created by my friend and favourite pencil-witch Nanna Venter

People say the nicest things

The Herald

A breath of fresh air.


It was transformative for my daughter who actively wants to bring investing into her life, and now knows where to begin!

The Gremlin

A must for everyone, if you’re just starting to earn pocket money, or beginning your career.

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